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Case studies

Book sales company – K Book Centre

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Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying K Book Centre’s vision that people make books and books make people.”

Since Korea lacks energy resources, K Library has grown with the belief that the only resource is human resources and its source is book.
K Book Centre thinks there should be a big coming together in the book world. They believe changes are necessary in how books are shown, reached, and read. So, they’re working on transforming into a hub for making decisions and mental energy recharge. They want to offer customers a nice experience by bringing in a professional and organized system.

01 Background

With about 7,000 daily offline store visitors, 160,000 internet bookstores, and 13 million members, the biggest homework for K Book Centre is inventory.
A monitoring/management device was needed to access everything from merchandise entry, delivery, and inventory confirmation to scheduled stocking and return items in real time.

Especially, we needed to bring in a remote monitoring solution. This lets workers, who might not know much about the warehouse, easily check inventory. This way, they can get right to managing the warehouse without any delays.

02 Usage

book-offline bookstore

After we put RemoteView in the UB-WMS inventory system, all store workers nationwide can use their tablets to see the warehouse’s stock and shipment info instantly.
Before, when customers bought books through mobile payment or online bookstores, those numbers didn’t count in the inventory. They just added up. So, our inventory level was never right.

But now, with RemoteView, we can check the warehouse or store inventory instantly, giving customers a clearer picture.

03 Results

These days, people usually order eBooks or shop online. However, folks still go to big bookstores to find new releases in person or buy classic ones. It’s a trust thing—if the book they want isn’t in stock, it affects their confidence.

After the introduction of the remote control solution, store employees can carry a tablet and remotely access the computer system when the customer needs to check whether the store carries the book and availability at each branch in real time offering fast and friendly service to customers.



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