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Case studies

Book sales company – K Book Centre

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Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying K Book Centre’s vision that people make books and books make people.”

Since Korea lacks energy resources, K Library has grown with the belief that the only resource is the human resources and its source is the books.
K Book Centre believes that a great convergence is necessary in the world of books, and changes are needed in the way how books are displayed, accessed, and read. To this end, it is trying to be reborn as a charging station for judgment and mental energy, and provide a pleasant experience to customers by introducing a professional and systematic system.

01 Background

With about 7,000 daily offline store visitors, 160,000 internet bookstores, and 13 million members, the biggest homework for K Book Centre is inventory.
A monitoring/management device was needed to access everything from merchandise entry, delivery, and inventory confirmation to scheduled stocking and return items in real time.

In particular, it was urgent to introduce a remote monitoring solution that gives flexibility to allow workers unfamiliar with the warehouse environment to check inventory to quickly start working on warehouse management.

02 Usage

book-offline bookstore

After installing RemoteView in the UB-WMS inventory management system, all employees at the stores nationwide could check the stock/shipment status at the warehouse in real time with their tablet.
Prior to this, the number of books purchased by customers through mobile payment or Internet bookstores was not accounted in the inventory status but just accumulated. As a result, the inventory level was never accurate.

With RemoteView, it was possible to check the inventory status at the warehouse or store in real time providing better visibility to the customers.

03 Results

Nowadays, customers are accustomed to order eBooks or online. But, the reason why customers visit large offline bookstores is to discover new releases in person or purchase classic books. It is a credibility matter if the book they are looking for is not in stock.

After the introduction of the remote control solution, store employees can carry a tablet and remotely access the computer system when the customer needs to check whether the store carries the book and availability at each branch in real time offering fast and friendly service to customers.



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