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Features and Functions

The Simple Solution for Remote Control

Stay productive no matter where you are, the desktop files and applications are just a few clicks away.

Screen Watermark

OS Security Patch and Vaccine Installation

Enable remote access only on the desktops with the latest OS security patch and vaccine installation

Screen Watermark

Screen Watermark

Screen watermark feature to prevent losses caused by the leaking of important data

Simple UI

Simple UI

Clean and simplified look to manage 10 or less devices.

Remote control PC

PC control

Easy and simple remote control regardless of operating system

Drag and drop

Drag&Drop / Copy&Paste

Transfer files to a desired location by Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste

Screen capture

Remote screen capture

Capture the current screen of a remote PC for security and save it locally

High speed/graphic control modes

Fast/graphic mode

Adjust the remote PC or mobile screen according to the network environment.

Dual monitor support

Multi-display support

Supports multiple display configurations, enabling control and view in real time



Draw on the remote device, and visually explain with the pointer

Remote printer

Remote printer

Print documents from remote PCs to local printer without file transfer

Email invitation

Email invite

Invite to remotely control via email
Allows simultaneous remote control through the N:1 connection feature

Remote explorer by device

Remote explorer

Check, select, and send/receive files from remote PCs by using FTP method

3-lelvel group management

3-depth grouping

Manage users hierarchically in group of up to 3 Depth and their permission



Real-time monitoring of remote device screen status (updated every 5 sec)

Screen recording

Record screen

Record the remote control operation and use them for fault identification and management

Accessible time setting

Controlled access schedule

Set the connection time for each user and let them connect only during the allowed time

Remote control consent

Remote support agreement

Control is available only with the remote PC user’s approval to the consent

Remote control usage statistics


Provides daily chart and detailed log data for remote control usage history

Block specific domains and URLs

Block domain and URL

Block the registered domain and URL for additional security and privacy

Restrict access to specific processes (exe)

Block processes (EXE)

Block the execution of registered processes (EXE file)for additional security and privacy

OTP authentication

OTP authentication

Use of randomly generated one-time password for 2-step security authentication setting

Allow IP/MAC

Whitelist IP/MAC

IP/MAC address are stored to block unauthorized external access allowing access from the list only.

Remote diagnostics and process control

Diagnostics and processes

Check and control (kill) system and process information

Lock mouse/keyboard

Lock mouse/keyboard

Locks the mouse/keyboard during remote control for security

Block lgin from foreign (IP)

Block login from oversea IP

Block all the login attempts from a user with overseas IP (countries other than the registered one)



Virtual Experience