StandardPrice: $39.90 per year / 1 agent software (computer or Android)

Standard product for individuals and small groups
  • 1 user manages up to 10 agent software (1:N management)
  • File sending & receiving, screen recording, and remote printing
  • Allows up to 10 computers and 10 mobile devices
  • File sending & receiving, screen recording, and remote printing

EnterprisePrice: $64.99 per year / 1 agent software (computer or Android)

Product for businesses, reinforced with multi-group management and security functions
  • Multiple users manage multiple agent software (N:N management)
  • Live view, 2-step security authorization

ServerPrice: Contact us

Customizes remote control environments for each business
  • Unlimited registration of users and agent software
  • Enables you to build RemoteViewSE, an external remote access management solution
  • Free maintenance for 1 year after installation
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RemoteView can help you increase efficiency while reducing costs.

Smartwork Management
Remote control over personal computers on-the-go or on different worksites
High Quality Equipment Management
Real-time remote consultation and troubleshooting for high tech medical equipment issues
Outsourcing Management
Real-time monitoring of vendors’ work progress
Remote Troubleshooting
24-hour troubleshooting for equipment (POS and KIOSK) all over the country, no onsite visits needed
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Control Any Device Anywhere With Your Smartphone

RemoteView will help you remotely control computers and mobile devices anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone.

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Why RemoteView is right for you

Diverse management functions
Flawless security
Powerful control over mobile devices
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Why RemoteView is right for you

RemoteView Enterprise is the most advanced remote control service that is perfect for businesses in terms of security, management and usage.

Advanced usage

With RemoteView, you can use a computer or a mobile device to remotely control other computers and devices. You can also remotely control Android phones from a mobile device.
– PC-PC control
– PC-Android control (Enterprise)
– Mobile (iOS, Android) -Android control (Beta)
– Mobile (iOS, Android) -PC control

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Advanced security

With the 2-step authentication option provided based on the user preference, the security level can be adjusted depending on the environment of use.
– Provides 2-step authentication (Google OTP) on the web
– Provides an additional authentication method upon an agent’s access
– Additionally provides “Google OTP authentication”
– Additionally provides “Windows login account authentication”
– Additionally provides a remote access approval function

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Advanced management

RemoteView provides a multi-group management function that can be optimized for each business, along with advanced remote management functions.
– Enables you to divide remote computer groups and users into up to 3 tiers and manage them separately
– Provides live view for the remote screens of computers and mobile devices
– Enables you to remotely shut down and restart a computer and run commands
– Advanced file sending log

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RemoteView solves issues and suggests new solutions in many more areas than expected.

Instant transition from MacBook to Windows

RemoteView lets you use a MacBook to remotely control a Windows PC anywhere anytime

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On vacation with RemoteView

RemoteView helps you remotely control your computer from an iPhone or Android phone anywhere, anytime

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it is easy to make your parents happy

RemoteView helps you assist others by remotely controlling their phones

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