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Secure Remote Desktop, RemoteView

Acknowledged by our global clients,   RemoteView is the most trusted remote desktop.

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More than 300k  customers have chosen remote desktop RemoteView

RemoteView enables remote desktop connection to another device, which can be used in various ways like telecommuting, maintaining IT devices, and configuring unattended access for machines or retails.

Strong security & reliable remote desktop

Strong security Reliable remote desktop

Quick installation & easy operation

Quick installation
Easy operation

Various supported devices and OS

Various supported   devices and OS

Efficient management of mass devices and employees

Efficient management of
mass devices and employees

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Why Choose RemoteView?

We ensure business stability by providing a reliable security environment
and systematic management.

  • High security

    We create a safe control environment with security as the top priority including a full encrypted network, 2-step login, allowed IP/MAC settings, and checking for the latest OS and vaccine updates.

  • Trustworthy service

    We have served the industry for over 20 years with our own technology and we operate an IT infrastructure at global scale, which is reliable to be used anywhere in the world.

  • Global Top 10

    We guarantee the stability of our service wherever you are as we proudly present our global server infrastructure and clientele. Not to mention being a solution using the least amount of data compared to competitors.

  • Mobile control

    On top of convenient remote desktop, we offer mobile control at no extra charge anytime anywhere.

  • Customer support

    Customer service is always our priority. Quick technical support is available on various channels via website, email, and calls.

The Essential Features for Your Business

Security Functions

Access Allowed IP / Connection Time Settings

Ensure seamless security by defining the country, place, and time to allow access

Screen Lock

Screen Lock

Secure the important information with a remote device’s screen lock

2-Step Login/Password Security Settings

Password Security Settings

2-step login via OTP or email, set password security level and usage period

Management Features That Increase Productivity



Monitor all registered devices in bird’s eye view and manage devices in real-time

Device/User Group Management

Device / User Group Management

Easy mass management by group permission settings and batch processing

Restrict Process (exe) / Domain (URL)

Restrict Process / Domain

Strengthen security by restricting access to specific processes and domains

The Highlight of RemoteView Remote Desktop



Directly access from a web browser,
no installation required

Mobile Control

Mobile Control

Increase productivity with mobile connection regardless of time and place



Freely control multiple displays as a single window/individual window

Wants to learn more about RemoteView?

Cost-effective strategies are required in a never-ending recession.

In the midst of soaring inflation and the pressure of unsustainable labor cost, are you thinking about cutting costs?

Engineer Dispatch

72% decline
hyundai wia

When controlling extremely expensive CNS industrial machines, problems such as labor shortages or system errors were instantly handled by RemoteView, resulting in 72% drop in dispatching engineers.

Use RemoteView across all work environments to enable cost reduction such as labor and travel expenses, and improve productivity.

How To Use Remote Desktop In The Best Way

Telecommuting/remote working

Telecommuting/remote working

Manage in-house IT devices

Manage in-house IT devices

Maintain supplied goods

Maintain supplied goods

Operate unattended machines/retail

Operate unattended machines/retail

Remote sessions and collaboration

Remote sessions and collaboration

Support activities such as gaming/investment

Support activities such as gaming/investment



Virtual Experience