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Case studies

Douzone, a enterprise IT solutions provider

  • IT Solution

Customer Success story “ RemoteView is accompanying Douzone Smart Work, the No. 1 in the accounting program market. ”

Douzone, a top enterprise technology firm, plays a crucial role in Korea by enhancing the competitiveness of businesses. It achieves this by offering a range of solutions and services essential for handling digital information. Douzone leads the industry in corporate technology software like ERP, IFRS solutions, groupware, information security, and accounting programs.

01 Background

“In 2011, Duzon ICT Group moved its headquarters to the Gangchon Campus (Chuncheon). They built the ‘D-Cloud Center’, a core base for the cloud business. Also established cloud-related platforms, mobile offices, electronic finance, electronic documents (certified electronic document centers, certified electronic document relay), and IDC.

Since the relocation of the head office in 2011, most of the executives and employees have been commuting. As employees, a smart work policy that can handle urgent tasks after work has become critical.”

02 Usage

Douzone 직원들의 개인 디바이스로 회사 PC에 원격 접속 - 근무

“Douzone, whose headquarters is located in Gangchon, operates commuter buses on 10 major routes between Gangchon and Seoul. The last commuter bus runs at 18:20, so almost all employees are required to leave work on time, except for self-drivers or overtime/overnight workers (using rest areas).

Douzone introduced the remote control solution RemoteView for urgent work processing requests that come during or after work. Employees can remotely access the company PC with a mobile, tablet, or laptop on the bus after completing the work. Through RemoteView, a remote control solution where an employee’s current location becomes an office, they were able to maintain business continuity even though the head office was not in Seoul.”

03 Results

“Douzone, which has pioneered the market as an ERP-specialized IT company, is playing a vital role in the birth and growth of corporate customers through cutting-edge technologies such as cloud and mobile. As Douzone, the No. 1 company in the market, moved its headquarters from Seoul to the Gangchon campus in 2011, all employees, excluding self-drivers or overtime/overnight workers (using rest area), use commuting buses to work. The last round runs in the Seoul and Gyeonggi station area is 6:20 pm (based on departure from Gangchon Headquarters).

All urgent tasks required to be processed right before or after work is solved with the remote control solution. Solution companies that develop and deliver accounting programs are forced to pay special attention to information security. RemoteView sets the available access time for remote access and allows remote access to work only during the allowed time leaving a full history and logs, which is consistent with Douzone’s system that emphasizes security. In addition, RemoteView provides the user with the same experience as if working in an office on the employee’s device, giving employees great satisfaction in terms of convenience and use of remote work.”



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