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Monitor lock

Protect privacy by Remote PC Screen Lock.

Prevent exposing sensitive information to other users by hiding the remote computer’s screen with Screen lock option.

Three methods
to protect the remote PC’s screen.

Monitor power control screen lock method

Power off method
Turns OFF the display power.

Black Layer screen lock method

Black layer method
Covers the screen with S/W.

Monitor signal blocking method

Signal block method
Blocks the video signal screen lockto the display.

NEWPower off method

What is ‘Power off’ method?
Take control and lock the monitor by turning it off using Rsupport RemoteView Agent. This simple action ensures secure management.
  1. Rsupport
  2. Monitor
  3. Monitor remote control

NEWBlack layer method

What is ‘Black layer’ method?
Place a black layer on the top screen, covering it entirely. This addition enhances the visual presentation.
  1. Rsupport
  2. Apply
    Black Layer
  3. Black Layer screen lock
Black Layer screen lock method

Signal block method

What is ‘Signal block’ screen lock method?
Use Rsupport Monitor Driver to stop the video signal from your PC to the display. Additionally, apply this setting to enhance performance..
  1. Video
  2. Rsupport
    Monitor Driver
  3. Signal
  4. Block the monitor signal

Set the locking Screen using the configuration wizard

Step 01Setting up the locking method

Set lock method
From Settings Right-click the RemoteView Agent icon located in the system tray (usually located next to the clock at the bottom right of the screen), and select Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock -> select the desired method.
Press Apply after testing the option through the wizard.
Click to set the lock method
From Agent install Conclude the installation process by configuring the lock method at the conclusion. Execute the test and select ‘Apply’ to finalize.

Step 02Setting up using configuration wizard

Activate lock method with wizard



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