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Case studies

OA, Multifunction printer solution company, Sindoh

  • IT Solution

Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying the history of production of Korea’s first photocopier and fax machine.”

Sindoh, provides solutions and services that help corporate customers build efficient office environments. Their focus is on helping businesses create innovative workspaces for the 21st century’s digital landscape. Sindoh is building an office system centered on digital multifunction devices and printers. Also, set up convenience in all areas ranging from R&D, production, sales, and service.

01 Background

Many companies are renting out digital multifunction devices and printers instead of purchasing them.
To improve the issue of having to rent a multifunction device on a monthly or yearly basis to print only a few pages. Moreover, charging customers only for the amount of the multifunction device used was the logical solution. To this end, it was necessary to introduce a remote management system that can track usage.

02 Usage

Remotely check and charge the digital multifunction device of Sindoh by usage.

“Why do they have to pay monthly or yearly for equipment rental fees when they only use them a few times a month?”
The monthly or yearly equipment rental fee is too much. In response, Sindoh set up the remote control solution RemoteView on the digital multifunction device solution server and changed the pricing policy to remotely monitor usage and charge consumers only for what they use.

03 Results

Additionally, Sindoh Solution & System Framework considers the customer’s printing environment and provides Internet-based solutions. This company is famous for providing customized features for the desired printing method by grafting solutions to the digital multifunction devices provided by customers. Also, in response to customer feedback, do not rent devices on a monthly or annual basis. Instead, the remote control solution RemoteView is installed on the multifunction device solution server, and the digital multifunction device is rented out to customers.

The pricing policy is in the form of remotely monitoring the usage every month through RemoteView and charging the customer only by usage. Customers who do not use it often or those who receive spam files are set to the fax reception refusal. In return, the customer response was very good. Sindoh is preparing the office environment with a state-of-the-art system and a RemoteView solution.



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