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Case studies

Leading Display Manufacturer – S Electronics

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Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying in the world exporting display manufacturing process of S Electronics.”

At S Electronics Display, our mission is global communication. We use TVs, laptops, smartphones, and billboards to share technology and upgrade lives.

01 Background

Displays are important exports for Korea and outstanding Japan, with an 18.5% global market share among the top 13 export items. As global demand increases, competition between countries increases. In particular, as China is rapidly increasing its market share, responding to this has become critical.

So, to boost global market strength, we needed to expand the international sales network, sourcing, and reduce any errors. In order to reduce errors, we reduce the process, removing the need for engineers to wear dust-proof gear and inspect minor issues on-site. Therefore, Samsung set up a procedure to monitor the manufacturing process through a remote control solution.

02 Usage

Remote real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process

The manufacturing process arranges organic materials between two electrodes and applies electricity to release light in displays. The automatic manufacturing process for displays requires continuous protection. In particular, in the metal removal process, power flows out to the gate and destroys the poly gate when the metal meets the upper metal, mainly due to static electricity.

If an issue arises on-site, regardless of its significance, the engineer wears a dust-proof suit and proceeds to the clean room to inspect the problem directly, avoiding any inconvenience. We solved this by introducing the remote control RemoteView to monitor the manufacturing process from outside in real-time.

03 Results

Moreover, the team installed the remote control solution, RemoteView, on the monitoring device in the field and remotely shared the manufacturing process site screen from the office to identify any issues. After the introduction of RemoteView, simple system errors could be solved remotely. Samsung was able to solve the error quickly by guiding the staff on the site.

It not only saved time and cut costs but also used RemoteView to record the entire manufacturing process. RemoteView automatically saved this data in a database for identifying and documenting failure causes. This is used for management and process improvement purposes.



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