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The New Remote Control Mode(multiple monitors)

How RemoteView has improved to the next level!
The New Remote Control Mode(multiple monitors)

Experience a completely different RemoteView with a new remote control mode(multiple monitors) And put together with a standalone technology knowledge.

What does the New Remote Control Mode look like?

Pleasant UI/UX designPleasant UI/UX designs

The user experience has become more enjoyable and easier along with a clean and wide screen setup not to mention the simple and intuitive fuction setup as well.

Multi-monitor extension supportMulti-monitor extension support

The multi-viewer function supporting up to 4 monitors allows you to control multiple monitors on its own or divide the screen and arrange them in one display.

Easy settingsEasy settings

Improved remote control settings have been simplified and updated allowing easy setup and saving.

On-screen keyboardOn-screen keyboard

With the on-screen keyboard function, remote control that is supported even in a keyboard-free work environment without any restrictions.


Windows Windows 10, 11 Windows Server 2012 and above
MacOS MacOS 10.15 – 13
Android Android 7 – 13
Linux CentOS(64bit) 7.0 – 7.7
Red Hat(64bit) 7.0 – 7.7
Ubunto(64bit) 14.4 – 18.4



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