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Case studies

Korea Environment Corporation

  • Public institutions

Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying Korea Environment Corporation’s eco-friendly national power generation system. ”

“Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) is an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Environment that contributes to the development of an environment-friendly country by efficiently promoting greenhouse gas-related projects to prevent environmental pollution, improve the environment, promote resource circulation, and respond to climate change.
KECO is a quasi-governmental institution under the Ministry of Environment that aims to become a global comprehensive service institution. Its mission is to contribute to eco-friendly national development by improving the environment and promoting resource circulation. Their task involves facility installation support.”

01 Background

“In order to achieve the national mid-term greenhouse gas reduction target of 37% in accordance with the Framework Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth, Korea Environment Corporation designated and manages the companies and workplaces with a greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption of 15,000tCO2eq 80TJ or more as management companies to achieve the greenhouse gas reduction goal and energy saving.

In order for the management company to achieve the national goal of reducing greenhouse gas and energy consumption in consideration of the potential for reduction, real-time monitoring of data from business sites distributed across the country and a system for accumulating data on a central server and the accumulated data at the head office It was necessary to introduce a system that could be centrally managed.”

02 Usage


“Korea Environment Corporation consists of a total of 6 headquarters and 25 management offices, which collectively manage the headquarters of major metropolitan areas across the country (East and West of Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, Daegu, Chungcheong, and Honam). Information departments dispersed in major metropolitan areas accumulate and manage emissions data through terminals and meters installed at key business sites.

When there is a problem with the terminals installed at remote business sites across the country or the exhaust emission suddenly increases unexpectedly, the management company had to go to the site in person. By introducing the remote control solution, H/W equipment status real-time monitoring & central management of exhaust emission data has been systematically performed through RemoteView.”

03 Results

“Korea Environment Corporation is taking the lead in building infrastructure and introducing systems to overcome environmental changes and create future values ​​through new business development such as integrated environmental management and future environmental infrastructure construction, and changes and innovations in existing businesses. To establish a scientific air monitoring system, all management companies are installing the emission meter reading terminals at major business sites. It was urgent to introduce a central system that allows them to manage the data of companies distributed across the country at once.

Accordingly, KECO introduced the remote control solution RemoteView that allows the management company to monitor the terminal screen status in real time and manage it collectively. This system allowed access to and monitoring whenever required. After the introduction of remote control solution RemoteView, one of the strategic goals of KECO, creating a clean air environment, has been implemented by not only systematic data central management, but also significantly reducing field visits by management companies.”



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