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Case studies

Korea Environment Corporation

  • Public institutions

Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying Korea Environment Corporation’s eco-friendly national power generation system. ”

Korea Environment Corporation (KECO)connected with the Ministry of Environment, drives projects to fight environmental pollution and address climate change. Also, it promotes the development of an eco-friendly Korea by promoting greenhouse gas reduction, enhancing the environment, and fostering resource circulation.
As a key player under the Ministry of Environment, KECO is trying to become a global leader in eco-friendly services. Furthermore, its mission encompasses enhancing the environment and advocating for resource circulation, which includes providing crucial support for facility installations.

01 Background

Under the Low Carbon and Green Growth Act, Korea Environment Corporation aims for a 37% reduction in national mid-term greenhouse gas emissions. It actively targets and monitors entities exceeding emissions of 15,000 tCO2eq and energy usage of 80 TJ. This strategy aims to streamline efforts toward achieving significant reductions in greenhouse gases and enhancing energy efficiency.

To meet the national targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, taking into account the reduction potential, a new system was crucial. Also, this system would allow for real-time data monitoring from sites across the country and centralize data storage on a server for head office management.

02 Usage


Korea Environment Corporation features 6 headquarters and 25 management offices. Together, they oversee major metropolitan areas across the country, including East and West Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, Daegu, Chungcheong, and Honam. Additionally, information departments in major cities gather and oversee emissions data via terminals and meters at crucial business locations.

If there’s an issue with terminals or a sudden increase in emissions at distant sites, the management team needs to go there in person. By adopting RemoteView, we now systematically monitor hardware status and centrally manage emission data in real time.”

03 Results

Korea Environment Corporation leads the way in developing infrastructure and systems. Also, it aims to tackle environmental changes and build future value through new projects like integrated environmental management, constructing future environmental infrastructure, and innovating existing businesses. All management companies are setting up emission meter terminals at key business sites to create a scientific air monitoring system. It became urgent to launch a central system to manage data from companies nationwide at once.

Accordingly, KECO introduced the remote control solution RemoteView. This allows the management company to monitor the terminal screen status in real-time and manage it collectively. Also, it allowed access to and monitoring whenever required. Following the adoption of RemoteView, KECO has made strides toward its strategic goal of creating a clean-air environment. Also, this has been achieved through systematic central data management and a significant reduction in field visits by management companies.



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