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Case studies

Seoul D Women’s University

  • Education

Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying the D Women’s University for the new 100-year education of innovation and communication.”

D Women’s University focuses on developing DS-Humart talents, emphasizing the right personality and professional knowledge. Guided by the philosophy of nurturing creative intellectuals with virtue, the university actively adjusts to changes in global education. It’s also working to improve management, strengthen research, and cooperation, and expand global networks.

01 Background

Since adopting a paperless approach in 2003, D Women’s University has transitioned from traditional paper academic documents to electronic materials. The university actively advocates for computerization in its administrative processes. Despite these efforts, challenges arise as some faculty members, who are not entirely comfortable with technology, continue to resort to printing class materials or unintentionally leave essential items behind. To address this issue, the university is proactively planning to implement a remote control solution.

02 Usage

Open class materials directly within the classroom-University

Providing printouts to a digital generation or leaving materials in the lab complicates class management. D Women’s University improved teaching by giving tablets to faculty. They can use these tablets to connect to their lab PCs and conduct classes. RemoteView helps share materials and information via email, offering a more effective, paperless teaching method for the digital generation.

03 Results

D Women’s University has 8 universities and a total of 39 departments. Their paperless policy, in effect for about 15 years since 2003, aligns with the university’s vision of creating new values. All faculty members use provided tablets for classes, ensuring no delays or excuses like “I’ll share the material next time.” The RemoteView app enables remote access to lab PCs, allowing for seamless sharing of materials and discussions with students, ensuring quality education. Additionally, important class materials can be directly emailed to all students, minimizing omissions or delays in sharing after lectures.



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