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Case studies

Korea’s most iconic medical facility – S Hospital

  • Healthcare

Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying the S Hospital’s treatment, research, and education.”

S Hospital, with its scientific foundation, conducts forward-looking clinical and basic research. It supports the latest medical knowledge and technology, making it Korea’s leading hospital for growth and change.

01 Background

During hospital visits, patients often sense issues and feel sensitive and nervous. After conducting examinations (often post-fasting), patients experience a prolonged wait outside the doctor’s examination room until the delivery of the image film. This not only exhausts patients but also strains the medical staff.

After taking images, we needed a solution to quickly send them to the reading and examination rooms. It was urgent to introduce a remote control solution, allowing the hospital’s computer administrator to handle software patches or failures in imaging medical devices.

02 Usage

Remotely check the image results in the hospital image reading room

In an emergency where patients are transferred from other hospitals, elderly care facilities, and prisons, it is often impossible to wait for the image to be analyzed.
Moreover, visiting patients are screened using medical imaging equipment after fasting. It’s important to speed up the time it takes to read images so we can quickly understand their health conditions.

Hence, for swift diagnosis and treatment, we adopted RemoteView—a remote control solution. It enables the real-time checking of high-resolution images from the reading room directly and remotely in the medical room.

03 Results

After the introduction of the remote control solution RemoteView, prejudice against telemedicine disappeared.
Previously, it was common to think that telemedicine as a medical practice required complex devices or that it would be based on software that only engineers could use.

Telemedicine using remote control RemoteView significantly reduced the waiting time for test results for emergency patients by enabling remote connection to data in the image reading room through remote screen sharing, as long as there is a PC in the examination room.

In addition, high blood pressure and diabetes patients need frequent check up of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. We are able to support them by monitoring this and gathering information remotely using RemoteView.



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