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Case studies

Digital signage company – Cheonjo

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Customer Success story “ RemoteView is accompanying Cheonjo’s Digital Multimedia System. ”

Cheonjo is a media company offering total solutions for digital information display and signage. It deploys diverse multimedia content on large TFT-LCD screens. And covering content and systems for the upcoming digital broadcasting era.

01 Background

Digital signage replaces analog billboards with dynamic displays for information and ads. Network-controlled content enhances advertising effectiveness. Additionally, it captures increased customer attention.

Adapting to the evolving digital landscape, Cheonjo chose a remote solution. It aims to create an environment suitable for ads and promotions in diverse settings. Such as stores, public places, and shopping malls.

02 Usage

 Remotely check the device status from the display screen-Digital signage

Firstly, billboard ads in busy areas demand high daily maintenance costs. In the past, digital signage delivered pre-built information only, but now it can perform personal media functions through two-way communication by combining with touch panels. This is receiving attention as a means of interactive communication.

In addition, the use of signage is increasing day by day in locations such as movie theaters and restaurants. Also, Advertising on digital signage incurs high costs, and both the provider and the customer must advertise due to a system error. To tackle this, RemoteView is used to monitor the device in real-time and to respond immediately in case of a failure.

03 Results

To add, signage installed in general stores has a built-in dedicated media player for smooth operation. However, signage installed in hot spots or major highways with large traffic does not have one, making it difficult to manage and operate.

To achieve this, Cheonjo added the RemoteView agent for real-time monitoring of outdoor billboard ads from the office. This guarantees uninterrupted playback, crucial for high-cost outdoor ads. Given these points, since adopting RemoteView, advertiser satisfaction and corporate credibility have risen, thanks to minimal disruptions and proactive resolutions.



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