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Case studies

Machine/Industrial Machinery Company – H

  • Manufacturing

Customer Success story “ RemoteView is accompanying H, leader in the machinery industry with cutting-edge technology. ”

H produces high-tech machinery for automobiles, machine tools, industry, and defense. H is a leader in the future industry.
With advanced technology and ability, H evolved into a global company. They produce high-precision, quality products, ranging from core automobile parts to various mechanical equipment and aircraft equipment.

01 Background

H is well-known for having the largest market share in domestic machines (industrial machines). It has been supplying products that combine high productivity and precision, from independent machine design to production and after-sales service.

In addition to off-the-shelf products, H delivers and services machines based on individual customer needs. Consequently, sending an engineer to the site to look over the issues wastes both time and resources. Therefore, the changes were necessary to boost productivity and operational efficiency.

02 Usage

Machine-Real-time device monitoring via RemoteView

Today, most jobs are computerized and automated, unlike traditional manual factory machining and CNC operations that also involve computer use.

The machine tool operator must have the skills to perform tasks such as checking computer settings, adjusting the operation tools, and using automatic inspection systems. But most of the regular employees, except for advanced engineers, do not have that knowledge. H is working to enhance its procedure for sending engineers to address minor issues such as inexperience among on-site personnel or system errors. To manage this, we pre-installed the remote control solution, RemoteView, on the computers.

03 Results

When a machine tool error is found, the service office actively monitors the situation in real time, verifies the issue, and takes remote control actions..

The introduction of the remote control solution has led to a remarkable 40% reduction in site visits, mainly in rural areas. This, in turn, has significantly reduced both business processing time and travel expenses.



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