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Dual Monitor / Multi-Monitor Control

RemoteView is the ultimate remote desktop solution to seamlessly control multiple monitors.

Use Dual or Multi-Monitor?

Set up your display as you’d like with RemoteView’s dual monitor feature.
To conveniently control mutiple monitors, you can separate screens for different tasks or arrange them in one display.

Dual Monitor / Multi-Monitor

Try Multi-Monitor This Way!

We offer custom multi-monitor options.
Develop your multitasking skills and improve your work efficiency.

Check out RemoteView Multi-Monitor on Video

Enjoy frictionless control over monitors
Sustain your work with multiple monitors which remotely bring the work setup right to you.

From Multi-Monitor to Single

Disable multiple monitors to view a single screen.

  • Switch monitors by clicking the ‘Switch’ button
  • Display – Select monitor to choose the screen of your choice.
 From Multi-Monitor to Single

All Monitors to Single Display

Separate connected monitors and view them on a single display.
Arrange screens together on a single display.

  • Display
  • Select monitor – View all monitors
All Monitors to Single Display

Split Monitors into Windows

Divide multiple monitors into separate windows to control.
Drag and move windows freely.

  • Display
  • Multi-viewer
Split Monitors into Windows


  • 01

    How many multi-monitors are supported?

    The multi-monitor supports up to 4 monitors. Please contact customer support if more monitors are required to set up.

  • 02

    Is there anything else to set up?

    This feature is automatically activiated if you connect 2 or more monitors.

  • 03

    Can I use this feature in WebViewer?

    No, WebView does not support this feature. It is available in New Remote Control and Video Mode only.

  • 04

    Is it supported for both Standard and Enterprise licenses?

    Both licenses support this feature.



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