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It provides the most efficient functions
for IT device management/remote work at a reasonable price.

  • Standard

    Small-scale business with 10 or less devices, best value remote control product.

    $3.99 USD per month
    VAT excluded

    Per controlled device

  • Enterprise

    High-end remote management product for mass device control.

    $6.5 USD per month
    VAT excluded

    Per controlled device
    Includes all Standard features
    Additional security and management features

  • Server

    Please contact us for the purchase.

    Customize the client company’s LAN and configuration to create a safe and convenient remote for the enterpriseworking environment

    Purchase inquiry

For purchase and quote inquiries: Contact Us.
* Online purchase is not supported on mobile devices.

License feature comparison


Most Popular


License Information

Available for purchase

Licensing fees apply for each controlled device.
To control 3 devices, 3 licenses must be purchased.

Up to 10 No limit
Max. controllable devices Up to 10 No limit
License availability Personal / Business use

Device remote control

PC to PC Yes Yes
PC to Android Yes
Mobile to PC Yes Yes
Mobile to Android Yes Yes

Powerful management tools

Manage multiple PC by groups Yes
Manage Users / Organization Yes
LiveView (real-time monitoring) Yes
Individual PC access permission Yes
Usage statistics Yes

Convenient remote work features

File transfer Yes Yes
Remote print Yes Yes
Switch displays (using dual monitors) Yes Yes
Screen recording Yes Yes
Recorded video playback Yes Yes
Sound sharing Yes Yes
Batch control of devices Yes
Email invitation Yes

Security features

Remote screen auto lock Yes Yes
Remote keyboard/mouse lock Yes
OTP two-factor authentication Yes
Password security level Yes
Individual device access authentication Yes Yes
Schedule access time Yes
Limit access by IP/MAC Yes
Limit access to URL/program Yes
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FAQ for buying a license

  • The biggest difference between RemoteView Standard and Enterprise is the number of controllable devices and advanced options.

    In the case of Standard, as it is aimed at individual users and small businesses, up to 10 devices can be added and controlled, and the basic remote control-oriented features are provided.

    Enterprise targets individuals and companies who requires to control multiple users and devices by group with various level of permission. Users will be able to use LiveView to monitor and collectively control multiple devices. By providing additional control and security, businesses can efficiently and safely manage multiple devices.

  • In the case of standard, up to 10 devices (agents) can be added to the controlling side, and enterprises can control by adding an unlimited number of devices.
    Additional license must be purchased when adding devices. (Adding 1 Agent: Standard $34.99 USD, Enterprise $69.99 USD)

  • RemoteView provides an optimal access environment in any network, anywhere in the world.
    It provides high-quality remote control service by connecting through cloud-based relay server. Servers are distributed and synchronized in 15 countries around the world maximizing remote control stability. Service separates the web / DB / relay / session servers offering modularity and high availability.

  • RemoteView can control PC (windows, Mac, Linux), mobile (Android), and unmanned devices (Android, Windows-based). Therefore, it can control not only office PCs, but also mobile devices or unmonitored devices in the field increasing productivity.
    In addition, since RemoteView can access/control remote devices with most of devices in the market such as PC (Windows, Mac) and mobile (Android, iOS), it is possible to establish an efficient remote work environment within the company using various device types.

  • RemoteView is available on multiple OS and devices. It supports almost all recent PC and mobile devices.

    Category Viewer Agent
    PC Windows OS Windows 2008 Server R1, R2
    Windows 2012 Server R1, R2
    Windows 2016 Server
    Windows 2019 Server
    Windows 10 (~ 22H2)
    Windows 11 (~ 22H2)
    Browser Internet Explorer 10.0 ~ 11.0
    Google Chrome (Latest version recommended)
    Microsoft Edge (Latest Chromium version recommended)
    mozilla Firefox (Latest version recommended)
    macOS OS macOS 10.13 ~ 11.x
    Browser Firefox 35 ~
    Chrome 40 ~ (※ Latest version is recommended when using the webviewer)
    Safari 9.0 ~ (※ Safari 11 or later is recommended when using the webviewer)
    Chromebook OS ChromeOS 80 ~
    (※ Latest version is recommended when using the webviewer)
    Linux (beta) OS CentOS 7.0 ~ 7.7 (64bit)
    RHEL 7.0 ~ 7.7 (64bit)
    Ubuntu 14.04LTS ~ 18.04LTS (64bit)
    Mobile iOS OS iOS 14 ~ 17
    Android Android 8 ~ 14 Android 8 ~ 14
    Language Korean/Japanese/English/Chinese



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