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Case studies

Seoul S University

  • Education

Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying S University to build a smart innovation education ecosystem.”

S University established a new global education system by building a new educational environment. It builds up a ‘new challenge facing the top’ ethos. While building a shared appreciation for traditional innovation among its members. Additionally, it functions as a central hub for research and education convergence, focusing on future-oriented values.

01 Background

S University is taking big steps to become a global hub for knowledge and great networks. One of its strategic plans is to create a new education system, dubbed the GPS education and learning system. Strengthening the connection between its campuses and academic disciplines poses a significant challenge. Especially given the university’s division into humanities and natural science campuses.

S University’s Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) has decided to introduce a remote control solution for efficient management of computer classrooms and administrative office PCs.

02 Usage

전산 관리자의 PC 한대로, 컴퓨터 강의실의 PC 원격 제어-Education

The administrative institutions of S University are divided into several layers. Layers are university headquarters, humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, administrative offices, and other institutions. Each plays a crucial role in the university’s operations and support functions.

In addition, the Office of Information and Computing Management Office of S University uses the remote control solution RemoteView. Which are scattered in a total of 200 places, including computer lecture rooms and faculty on campus.

After installing the RemoteView agent program, the person in charge of the MIC remotely controls and manages them, so there is no need to visit the computers to manage them one by one. RemoteView allowed them to efficiently manage. Also, batch updates on all PCs to delete unnecessary installation programs.

03 Results

Furthermore, S University’s MIC mainly focuses on setting up computer networks. It also handles tasks like operating information systems, developing programs, managing PC rooms. Its responsibilities include maintaining and operating computer networks, developing software programs, managing PC rooms, and providing technical assistance for internet groupware

The MIC supports educational research activities and information processing in academic and administrative offices. Moreover, it is responsible for managing PCs in 200 different places. To build the system, a remote control solution called RemoteView was introduced.

While a system inspection, it was possible to remotely access all the PCs at a specific time. Also, can process them from system inspection to security patches all at once. In addition, it is possible to check the system by group.

Moreover, with RemoteView, time and cost savings, as well as university IT asset management, could be solved remotely.



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