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Case studies

Household Variety Store – D Shop

  • Sales

Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying the place worth a thousand won, Household Variety D shop.”

D Shop, Korea’s renowned household variety company, runs over 1,000 stores nationwide. Introducing a new distribution channel worldwide relies on its product development technology.
Additionally, D Shop reduced costs by directly transacting with partners and simplifying design. They removed unnecessary extra costs, made bulk purchases, and operated the nation’s largest automated distribution center.

01 Background

D Shop operates an advanced automated hub logistics center in Namsa-myeon, Yongin-si, and two core key logistics facilities. These centers supply products ordered from stores nationwide, with 3,000 pallets per day in stock and 100,000 boxes per day in output. On average, 800 transports deliver goods to the stores.

D Shop has over 1,000 stores nationwide, each stocked with 30,000 different products. The company requires precise logistics, delivery, and production processes that align with inventory status. Opening around 10 new stores monthly demands systematic warehouse management. In brief, introducing a remote control solution is necessary to identify management status. Also, monitor arrival and departure at the distribution center, and keep up with the company’s expansion.

02 Usage

Logistics-Monitor the inventory and delivery status at the distribution center

Would it be possible to check the entry or inventory at each store with remote control and monitor at a glance whether the required stock is in the warehouse of the distribution center and when it is delivered?
What if 1,000 stores could remotely connect to the data server of the hub distribution center to check the inventory and delivery status?
What if the headquarters could remotely monitor the inventory status and incoming and outgoing status of the state-of-the-art automated hub logistics center?

Additionally, D Shop manages 30,000 different products with RemoteView, a remote control solution.
With RemoteView, it is possible to check the inventory level by remotely connecting to the logistics hub center and data server at stores across the country.

03 Results

Warehouses and distribution centers usually use a management method. Which relies on barcode systems.
This method doesn’t need special knowledge. It receives input signals through a barcode reader and adds information to a database.
However, in the case of the barcode system, it was not possible to hold the input/output status of the warehouse at the branch office in real-time. Also, there was the difficulty of having to go through a separate checking process for items. Overall, prices fluctuate depending on the time of arrival, delivery, or sale. In particular, the inventory of the logistics center has limited access rights as it has a direct impact on the company’s sales.

However, with the barcode system, real-time tracking of warehouse input/output status at the branch office was not possible. Additionally, there was the challenge of guiding a separate checking process for items.
After introducing RemoteView, they could remotely access the logistics center database from around 1,000 stores across the country. This allowed them to check the logistics status in real time and verify if the required items were actually in stock.



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