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Case studies

Korea’s largest POS solution specialist – Astems

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Customer Success story “RemoteView is accompanying the real-time service of Astems POS system.”

Astems maintains the No. 1 market share in the service industry. Such as franchise, fashion, distribution, and restaurant service in providing POS system (Point Of Sales system). Also, related e-Business total solutions in Korea.

50% of stores using POS systems nationwide, including small domestic stores, are Astems customers. About 20,000 RemoteView’s remote control accounts are used to manage POS systems. Also, business total solutions at home and abroad.

01 Background

Since the POS system is directly related to the sales of a store, real-time resolution of the issue is of utmost importance. For this, remote control system is the optimal solution for real-time problem solving and it became one of the most important elements of the company.

The need to identify problems in advance through monitoring of customer systems and to provide stronger support by integrating with internal systems became necessary.
In response, Astems decided to support the POS system. This should not be stopped under any circumstances by introducing a remote control system to assist with customer (store) problems in real-time.

02 Usage

Remotely check the device status with the actual screen view—POS

Firstly, Astems sells a POS system with extra equipment for store use. If customers need troubleshooting, it’s often due to issues like communication problems, OS viruses, or missing essential files, not device failures.

Artems installs up to 20 payment devices at highway rest areas. If an issue arises, it’s impractical to ask customers facing sales trouble to check all 20 devices individually.

03 Results

At highway rest areas, Artems installs up to 20 payment-related devices. If issues arise, it’s impractical to ask customers facing sales trouble to check all 20 devices individually.

Also, Astems controls numerous store devices through the RemoteView admin page, managing them collectively. If an issue arises, it can promptly resolve it through remote control, ensuring minimal inconvenience to customers.

“If there is a problem with the POS, the first thing is to try remote access. This is because if you do not accurately know the customer’s situation, it may affect their sales. The remote control solution in the POS system is an essential element of our customer service.”– Ha Sang-won, Head of Astems Customer Support Team



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