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Setting Connection Time

  • Features of RemoteView

In this video, you can learn how to schedule available connection time to access the assets.

RemoteView offers a feature that allows restricting remote control access during specific times for the convenience of administrators.
This function is available exclusively with the Enterprise license and is not accessible with the RemoteView Standard license.
Learn how to set connection times below.

1. Log in to the RemoteView website.
2. Click on “Settings” in the top menu bar.
3. In the left menu, navigate to “Settings” > “Company Info” > “Company Option Settings.”
4. In the “Security Settings,” choose either “Allow All” or “User Settings” for user connection times.
You can set connection times for groups or individual users.”

※ User connection times and Agent Group connection times cannot be used simultaneously.
※ Connection time settings can be customized for individual user accounts.
Company administrators or manager accounts are not affected by connection time restrictions.
※ To exempt specific accounts, select “User Settings,” click “User Management” in the top menu bar, and choose “Do Not Use” for the “Connection Time” in the “Registration Information” of the account you wish to exempt.”

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