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Inviting via Email

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Inviting via Email

This video is about instructions on inviting non-registered users to share the remote control session.

Seamlessly invite external viewers via email with these easy steps:

1. Choose the PC from the Remote PC tab.
2. Right-click on the icon, navigate to Tools, and opt for ‘Invite via Email.’
3. Input the Name and Email of the invitee.
4. The recipient checks their email and opens the connect page.
5. Click ‘Remote Access.’
6. Connection complete—the invitee now has control. Enjoy smooth collaboration!”

Depending on the internet’s quality and conditions, the email invitation might get delayed.

If the email is not received within 10 min, log in to Rview.comand check the email address and send the email again. If the email address was not correct or you need to modify it, then right click on the PC and select Properties.
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