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New Features of RemoteView

  • Features of RemoteView

Check here for all the new features added to RemoteView.

    New Features of RemoteView
  • 1. The remote control button has been added to the menu bar for quick access from mobile devices.
  • 2. The last accessed date/time is now color coded to easily manage dormant agents.
  • 3. Users can select multiple folders and agents to make batch changes.
  • 4. Search can now find information over all connected assets.
  • 5. Extra depth has been added to the grouping for more granular management.
  • 6. Now on new features, even Agents can be moved between groups.
  • 7. Limit Remote Access by preset scheduling.
  • 8. With user level customized on new features.
  • 9. License starting time can be delayed to a user for a specified date.
  • 10. Use Remote Agreement option to conform remote approval.
  • 11. Additional security of Windows Logon for users with Windows 8.0 or later has been added.
  • 12. Additionally, Google OPT Download is available for 2-step authentication. Set the OTP key to be managed centrally or locally.
Google OPT Download

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