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Remote Control Solutions for Business

  • Introduction of RemoteView

A highly secure remote control solutions for businesses.
What makes RemoteView different?

1. It works with any device and system.
– It supports different devices and operating systems.

2. Keep it secure by allowing only specific users and devices.
– Specify countries, places, and times for secure connections.

3. Manage large groups easily with optimized features.
– Set specific permissions and run programs in batches for useful management.

Remote Solution Desktop RemoteView is widely used for remote work, IT device management, and self-operating device/store management. It ensures stable business operations with safe security and an organized management system. Introducing Remote Desktop RemoteView allows for cost savings in productivity, labor, and travel expenses, enabling work without time or location conditions.

In this case, for a business remote desktop, performance is key. RemoteView, a business-optimized remote control service, combines user-friendliness, manageability, and security. It offers high-quality screen sharing and control, easy-to-use features for various environments, and a proven track record of over 20 years based on unique technology, ensuring a server uptime guarantee of 99.9%. With a global server setup and the lowest data usage compared to competitors, it provides stable usage worldwide.

Furthermore, it provides user/device management status and control functions for useful management. Strong security features, including full encryption, two-factor access, allowed IP/MAC settings, and checking for the latest OS and antivirus updates, create a secure control environment, making communication safe a top priority.  

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