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RemoteView Enterprise

  • Introduction of RemoteView

Effortlessly Manage Devices from Anywhere with RemoteView Enterprise

RemoteView Enterprise takes the complexity out of remote control. It’s a user-friendly tool that lets you conveniently manage local PCs and remote devices. Install RemoteView on your unattended equipment; you can oversee everything from a central location.

Enterprise License Features

1. License
• Unlimited number of license and controllable devices
• Available for both personal and business use

2. Powerful management tools
• Manage multiple PC by groups
• Manage Users / Organization
• LiveView (real-time monitoring)
• Individual PC access control
• Usage statistics

3. Security features
• Remote keyboard/mouse lock
• OTP two-factor authentication
• Password security level control
• Schedule access time
• Limited access by IP/MAC
• Limited access to URL/program

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