Remote Control Any Android Device

Remote control for Android devices is now available for smartphones and PCs.
Use RemoteView to remotely access Android smartphones, tablets, and more.

Remote Control Android Devices

Enjoy Android Remote Control Anytime, Anywhere.RemoteView is the simplest, fastest and most secure Android control.

Mobile – Features

All you need is your smartphoneAccess all your Android devices from your smartphone
Just like having it in your hand.View and control as if the Android device is right in front of you.

Enterprise Quality Service

Group/Device Management

3-depth device and user management
Real-time monitoring with LiveView

Powerful Collaboration Tool

Start session share via email
Collaborate with draw/pointers

Enterprise-grade Secure Connection

Multiple authentication methods,
Conditional access control.

Mobile – Usage

Support friends and familyHelp friends and family with their smartphone issue remotely.
Manage multiple phonesRemoteView allows for managing multiple devices from a central location.
IT support Android devicesManage your mobile assets efficiently by groups and permission.
Unattended Device Management
View and solve device problems remotely, with no need for on-site visits.

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Mobile – Benefits

No more constraints on time and location. Connect from your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
Location FreeThere is no need to be in front of the device when you can. just connect remotely.
Time FreeOut-of-office, on a trip or in case of emergency, instantly connect with the smartphone
Cost FreeNo more additional travelling cost or equipment, just use your current smartphone.

Preview Mobile Interface

  • From your smartphone, simply go to the toolbar where you will be able to access all the feature you will need for remote control.

    ‘Laser pointer’ for pointing out important information
    ‘Draw’ for marking up a certain area
    ‘Erase’ to remove part of your drawings.

  • You can remotely control the Menu, Home, and Cancel buttons on your smartphone.

Mobile – Installing Android app for remote control

Signing upIn order to use the service, users must first sign up for either a 14 day free trial or purchase the service.
RemoteView Sign Up

Installing the Agent App
* What is Agent? RemoteView app to be installed on the remote/to-be-controlled device

  1. Search for “RemoteView” on the Google Play Store and install the app.
  2. Launch the app and proceed to device registration. *Currently, only Android devices are supported.
Download Agent App
Download User Guide

Installing the Viewer App*What is Viewer? RemoteView app to use to control the remote device.

  1. Search for “RemoteView” on the Google Play Store and install the app.
  2. Launch the app and log in (sign up required)
  3. Select the device to control from the list of groups and devices.* * Mobile Viewer is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
Download Viewer App
Download User Guide
Download Viewer App
Download User Guide