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Connect from mobile devices anytime, anywhere

You can use our iOS or Android apps to control and manage your computers.
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Powerful network security

RemoteView uses standard 256-bit encryption with 2-step login and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communication. RemoteView is safe from information theft.
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Fantastic administrator features

Various features are provided to help you manage high volumes of equipment all at once. Administrator features include live view, group management among remotely controlled computers, and vPro power management.
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Flawless in any environment

RemoteView works with all browsers, not just Internet Explorer, but with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
Control in any type of network environment, support for floating IP, HDCP, private IP, and firewall servers.
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Fast and smooth control

When you connect a local computer and a remote computer, RemoteView makes an automatic connection appropriate to the situation, using either a P2P or gateway method. During sessions, RemoteView uses VRVD and graphic control modes to provide better performance and functions as well as a stable connection.


File sending & receiving

You can import files, folders, and directories from the computers and mobile devices you are remotely accessing.

Control over mobile devices

You can use your mobile device to remotely control other mobile devices.
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You can record anything from the screen including the mouse pointer of all remotely controlled devices, as well as voices and text.

Live view

You can monitor the real-time screens of multiple registered remote devices and servers.

Management of users and device groups

You can categorize users into different categories, such as Super, Manager, and Common User, according to their permissions, and by group.

vPro support

You can turn on remote computers, reinstall a system and set up system BIOS on the computers.

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Start up remote computers

How can you solve a problem on a PC located far away?
Our RemoteView can help you remotely access that PC.
But, what if the PC’s power is down, there is problem in the BIOS or need to re-install an Operating system?

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