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How to do video conferencing using internal networks?

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What if video conferencing is unavailable in the present day?


Numerous remote working tools have emerged to facilitate seamless communication for remote control, video conferencing, and messengers.
Consequently, these services enable to work from home, cafes, or even on your way to meeting without having to go to the office.
Then, what about the government and public entities, or financial institutions that fervently safeguard the data?
However, video conferencing is only accessed internally on the registered computers or devices for security reasons,
distracting those who must work outside the office.


Additionally, safely conduct video conference without being at work,
RemoteView is your option by utilizing virtual speaker/microphone/camera drivers.
Moreover, this special feature we'll talk about today is particularly preferred by Japanese companies,
where complying with security-related legal requirements, such as privacy laws and intellectual property rights, is very challenging.

What is the "Remote Video Conference" feature?

The remote video conference is a valuable feature, especially when you need to run a web conference on the device
that is only accessed through your internal network from outside the workplace.
Furthermore, it offers a seamless solution for remote collaboration.


With RemoteView, you can access the remote computer (internal access) and install the
necessary drivers (virtual speaker/microphone/camera) to connect them to the
local computer (external access) you are using.


Consequently, this will enable you to launch a video conference over the internal network
from outside on your local computer (external access)


Remote Video Conferencing
▲ RemoteView Remote Video Conference Feature


To simply put, the remote computer plays a middleman as a ‘relay platform’
between a local computer and other computers on the company network.
In essence, it acts as a bridge facilitating seamless communication.


Additionally, remote computer is used to pass through the company network from outside and serves as a relay to
host the video conference between the local computer user and other internal computer users.


This dual role enhances the overall connectivity and collaboration experience.


Consequently, it promotes seamless interaction among users and systems.

Learn how ‘Remote Video Conference’ works!

The remote video conference feature is available in the 'New Remote Control' mode.
Now, let's find out how to use it.

[How to prepare for a remote video conference beforehand]

New Remote Control
① Run New Remote Control by double-clicking
or right-clicking the computer (agent) you want to remote control.
② Click [Configuration] in the [R:] menu at the top of the screen.
Video Settings
③ [Media Devices] > [Audio Settings] & [Video Settings]
and select the speaker/microphone/camera driver you are using,
and click Apply.
Virtual Driver
④ [Driver] > [Virtual Drivers] to install 3 drivers
- virtual speaker/microphone/camera.
(*If you have used the sound sharing before,
the virtual speaker driver may already be installed.)
(*When ‘Install’ switches to ‘Uninstall’ for each virtual driver,
the installation is complete.)
Prepare Remote Video Conference
⑤ [Tool] menu > [Prepare for video conference]
(*The virtual driver is automatically installed
when you click [Prepare for video conference]
without installing the virtual driver on the local computer.)
Remote video conference preparation is complete
⑥ If a pop-up message displays,
you are all prepared.

[How to conduct a remote video conference]

When using ‘RemoteMeeting’
connect to the desired video conferencing service
① On remote computer, connect to the desired web conferencing service (e.g. RemoteMeeting, Zoom, Microsoft Teams) and click [Settings].
Select each of the installed virtual drivers in [Camera] [Microphone] [Speaker] and click Save
② Select each of the installed virtual drivers in [Camera] [Microphone] [Speaker] and click Save.
③ Lastly, conduct a video conference using virtual camera/microphone/speaker drivers.
※ Available only on the Window computers with agent installed.
※ The local computer supports all Windows versions, whereas the remote computer supports Windows 10(x64) or higher version.
※ Virtual speaker/microphone/camera drivers:
- Available in Windows 10(x64) or higher versions
- Unavailable in Windows server series or Mac OS

Less Inconvenience, Greater Comfort!

Are you going to work just to attend an online meeting?
If so, consider an alternative that allows you to make fewer trips and boost business productivity.
Instead, consider making fewer trips and improving business productivity with
RemoteView’s unique ‘Remote Video Conference’ feature!
Additionally, remote access your work computer and join your web conference anytime, anywhere!

Interested in boosting your work efficiency with RemoteView?

Unlock all features with a 14-day free trial.

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