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Time to consider productivity when working from home!

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Introducing the most effective “work from home” solution, RemoteView.
Essential tool for managers and employees to achieve efficient work from home!

What is the biggest obstacle when working from home?

Q. We asked Korean and Japanese users
the most uncomfortable factors when working from home.
(Factors that hinder work efficiency, most repeated responses)

complex process, unfamiliar HW/SW - work from home

Complex process,
unfamiliar HW/SW

*Source: IDG Korea Market Pulse,
‘Trends of Korean Companies’ work from home in 2020′
Difficulty accessing data and systems required for work

Difficulty accessing data and systems
required for work

*Source: IDG Korea Market Pulse,
‘Trends of Korean Companies’ work from home in 2020′
In Korea, the introduction of work from home became a necessity since this year
and there is very little amount of studies and data related to this.
So, we analyzed data from Japan, which implemented work from home in response to frequent disasters,
low birthrates and aging population.
It was found that the burden of ‘complex process and unfamiliar HW/SW’ is the most frequent one.
Conversely, in Japan, the most common answer is, ‘The materials necessary for work cannot be used at home.’ These answers are the result of not being familiar with the work from home itself in Korea,
while in the case of Japan, it is not easy to build a system for the work from home environment due to security.
Here are some examples.
When you need to use software or hardware for construction or design, it’s not easy for them to work at home. Furthermore, buying expensive software or a separate laptop is just a waste of resources and cost burden.
As another example, when you need access data from the office, access to network might not be allowed without due to security or servers can only be accessed within the intranet.
Considering all of these situations, building a work from home environment is a requirement to be studied.
It is necessary to consider not only the costs, but also physical factors such as connecting with existing legacy, server/network establishment, employee training, etc. which makes it even more difficult
applying the solution and operate.

How to increase efficiency when working from home?

Q. What measures have you introduced
to increase the efficiency of work from home?
(incl. multiple responses)

remote control
remote system for work from home
*Data source: Imperial Data Bank (2020)
So, what can be done to increase the efficiency of work from home?
We examined how Japan responded to increase the efficiency of work from home.
In Japan, the answer to the introduction of a video conference system and a remote system
for work from home was overwhelmingly high
 as a way to increase the efficiency.
In addition, many answered that it is promoting the digitization of documents or the introduction of
electronic products/payments are necessary considering that Japan is still less digitized than Korea.
In particular, access to data and systems was cited as the main cause of the decrease in
work from home efficiency.
It can be inferred that introduction of a remote system to overcome the security issue was needed.

Q. Changes in the use of solutions for work from home in Korea

The above graph shows the usage data of RemoteMeeting, a video conference service, and RemoteView,
a remote control service in Korea from the 2nd week of January 2020 to the 2nd week of April 2020.
Looking at the graph, it was found that domestic companies actively used not only video conference service
but also remote control service.
In the case of RemoteView, the amount of usage raised due to the rapid increase in
installations of large enterprises and SMEs. In particular, RemoteView was a solution that could easily solve both security issues for data access, user management, cost effective, and operational burdens.
It was expected that the usage would increased significantly.
In the case of RemoteMeeting, for those urgent situations, it was found that the usage increased rapidly
to respond immediately to the lack of communication with not only internal employees
but also external customers.

Effect of introduction of remote control solution, RemoteView


Work from home quickly at low cost

low cost - work from home
RemoteView does not require a separate device for deployment.
It is fully applicable at a tenth cost of desktop virtualization.
As the number of users increases, performance does not decrease or there is no additional cost for expansion.
In a situation where work from home is becoming more common to prevent the spread of corona virus,
businesses can maintain higher productivity and increase efficiency
by working from home at low cost and same environment.
In the case of remote control system, VPN or VDI are available as alternatives,
but the barrier in applying it is the high cost and long deployment time.
In addition, because there was a limit to data access security within the VDI environment,
Japanese companies often use RemoteView in places
where VDI is already in use to build a remote control system.
A remarkable example would be the famous Japanese non-life insurance company called Sonbo Japan.
Some of Sonbo Japan’s sales and head office employees were able to work from home
in a VDI environment, but sensitive area such as accounting, personnel, and insurance
could only access the system through the in-house PC, making work from home impossible.
This was the reason for introducing RemoteView, which allowed them to remotely control
and use work PC inside the company from a computer at home, while ensuring security
even with desktop virtualization (VDI) in place.


Convenient management of multiple users in large companies

management - work from home
It is never easy to manage a large number of users and devices when working from home.
However, RemoteView allows the users to check detailed connection status through real-time monitoring,
or conveniently manage each connected PC with control and usage statistics.
In addition, RemoteView not only monitors the connection but also manages users by group,
sets the connection time, and adds, deletes, and edits users.
RemoteView’s management features conveniently let you work from home instantly.


Convenient remote access from web browser

remote access - work from home
It is cumbersome to follow the installation process to get started working from home.
RemoteView provides a remote control function that can be used directly from web browsers
such as Chrome, Safari, and Explorer without installing software to control.
By using the WebViewer option, users can start working right away at 5 times or more faster than
the existing remote access, and control remote PCs with a smoother screen refresh
with our High Frame Rate technology.


Safe remote control with strong security

security - work from home
Although VPN or VDI is highly secure, there may be restrictions on the use of in-house data.
Even with a VPN, vulnerabilities has been found suggesting that this is also not a threat-safe method.
RemoteView can block DDoS attacks, malware, and viruses
by passing through a private encrypted communication proxy server
with a security structure separated from the internal network.
In addition, user can lock the screen from a remote location so that the local screen and information
is not exposed to others. Stay safe and secure with RemoteView.

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