Protect privacy by locking the Remote PC Screen.
Prevent exposing sensitive information to other users by hiding the remote computer’s screen with Screen lock option.
Screen lock offers 3 methods
to protect the remote PC’s screen.
  • Power off method
    Turns OFF
    the display power.
  • Black layer method
    Covers the screen
    with S/W.
  • Signal block method
    Blocks the video signal
    to the display.

  • Rsupport
  • Monitor power
  • new
    Power off method
    What is ‘Power off’ method?
    Control and lock the monitor by powering it off through
    Rsupport RemoteView Agent.
    Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server prod.
    (laptop excluded).

  • new
    Black layer method
    What is ‘Black layer’ method?
    Adds a black layer on the top
    most screen layer covering it completely.
    Windows XP sp3+, Windows Vista, Windows7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server prod.
  • Rsupport
  • Apply
    Black layer
  • black layer
monitor black layer system

  • Video
  • Rsupport
    Monitor Driver
  • Signal block
  • Signal block method
    What is ‘Signal block’ method?
    Blocks the video signal being sent from PC to the display
    using Rsupport Monitor Driver.
    Most Windows OS and server prod.
Specification by method
  Signal block newPower off newBlack layer
Type OS Driver OS Driver S/W
Supported OS Windows 7 ~ Windows 10 Windows 7 ~ Windows 10 Windows 7 ~ Windows 10
Supported device All H/W Desktop PC All H/W
Version Ver. 6.0.11 (2018.07.17) Ver. 6.0.12 (2019.04.23) Ver. 6.0.12 (2019.04.23)
Set the screen lock using the configuration wizard
Step 01
Setting up the locking method
  • From Settings
    Right-click the RemoteView Agent icon located in the system tray
    (usually located next to the clock at the bottom right of the screen),
    and select Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock -> select the desired method.
    Press Apply after testing the option through the wizard.
  • From Agent install
    Set the lock method at the end of the installation.
    Run the test and press Apply to complete.
Step 02
Setting up using configuration wizard