Secured telecommuting
with RemoteView + Chromebook

Chromebooks are gaining popularity for their strong security and low cost.
RemoteView is fully compatible with Chromebook even for telecommuting.

Learn more about how to use RemoteView and Chromebook to work from home.

What is a Chromebook

Chromebook is a computer with Google’s Chrome OS. With its own OS, it is highly praised for its quick start-up and convenient manageability.
This computer is mainly used by non-high-performance PC users to surf the web and write simple documents.
However, for those who are using Windows or Mac, ‘web-based simple operation’ is a limitations. Let’s take a look at what a Chromebook can do with RemoteView.

Ideal telecommuting with
RemoteView + Chromebook

Here are 3 advantages of using Chromebook and RemoteView.

Turn disadvantages
to advantages

Chromebook is good for simple operation but can’t match the traditional desktop software. However, with RemoteView, you can access your desktop remotely and work in the same environment.

No additional security required

Since no data is left on the device, there is no need to install additional security application. Combine the secure Chromebook and RemoteView and connect through our relay server.

Introduce telecommuting at low cost

Chromebooks are available at relatively lower cost compared to other OS computers. Adding RemoteView, you can create a home-working environment with access to the traditional office work.

3STEPS to get started

How to use RemoteView on Chromebook

  1. STEP1

    Register the company PC
    for remote work in RemoteView
    (install RemoteView Agent program)

  2. STEP2

    Login to RemoteView
    from Chromebook’s browser

  3. STEP3

    Select the office PC, get connected
    and start working as usual.

TIP on using RemoteView + Chromebook

What is RemoteView WebViewer?
It is a remote control method to connect using a web browser such as Chrome or Safari without the need to install any application on your side.

Learn more

What’s the difference between Chrome Remote Desktop and RemoteView?
Many Chromebook users are using ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ to connect and control remotely for free.
However, it does not support the security and other management standards that the company requires while working from home.
RemoteView efficiently manages large number of devices and employees and protect important company information from leakage and device fraud.

Use cases

Learn more about how Chromebooks became more powerful using RemoteView.

  • Large-scale telecommuting

    Even in a company-wide introduction of telecommuting or remote work, equipment purchase and construction costs can be reduced.

  • Portable
    business tool

    A Chromebook is light enough to carry around by sales team who often works outside the office. It offers a richer remote work with more features than a tablet.

  • Convenient
    for medical field

    It makes suitable for fields that requires quick response by remotely accessing patient information with a lightweight Chromebook.

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