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Slow and unstable connection during remote access?
Manage your data usage

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Why is data usage important to remote access mobile devices?

Mobile remote access is extremely useful when you need to get your work done urgently on your way. Smartphones have become an essential tool for today, which can be accessed any time, anywhere with any devices. However, remote access may be difficult to use in a poor network envrionment as it requires a huge amount of data. Now we'll look into why 'data usage' is important and how to properly manage our data.
importance of data-usage

Experiencing network distractions? Is there any way to avoid having an unstable internet connection during mobile remote access?

You must have often experienced slow and disconnected networks like in subway, inside the buildings, or in the countryside. Although 5G, 20 times faster than LTE, has officially rolled out, complaints about network quality still remains. According to '2022 Wireless Network Quality Performance Study', consumers' frustration and dissatisfaction continue to hike when it comes to the quality of wireless networks. This is due to the time spent on mobile devices has skyrocketed in recent years along with the growing demand of HD or high-capacity data. The controversy over the network quality and the traffic explosion is likely to intensify as high-capacity data such as XR, metaverse, and automonous driving increases.
Then what should we do to use remote access without being distracted by network quality? You should instantly check the 'data usage' of the mobile remote access. If it is too large, delays or disconnections happen often, and a seamless remote access may be difficult in a low-spec environment. Not to mention, a horrible mobile data bill shock.
The top 3 remote access solutions include 'TeamViewer', 'Anydesk', and 'RemoteView'. Let's go over the differences in data usage between the three products. To start with, RemoteView vs. Anydesk data usage during mobile remote support.
RemoteView recorded relatively low data usage for all web pages, images, and videos. Moreover, RemoteView displays rather more stable use of data for frequent screen changes in the order of text, image, and video.

What if you could remotely access your smartphone with a PC?

This is the data usage compared between RemoteView and TeamViewer.

It was proven that the RemoteView was using relatively low data during mobile remote access. Even in high-spec games, the connection was stable without significant changes in data usage.
"Although high-capacity and HD data is surging and mobile data traffic is escalating around the world, the network that supports it is still unreliable and suffers from severe regional imbalance. Delayed loading times and repeated interruptions can significantly impede your work. If you need fast and seamless remote access without letting external factors hider business processes from running smoothly, be sure to compare the 'data transmission rate.'"
Data-usage test

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