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VDI vs Remoteview
Use RemoteView, the cost-effective remote control tool!

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Why should you use
RemoteView over desktop virtualization (VDI)?

VDI vs RemoteView


Affordable introductory cost

telework - VDI vs Remoteview
Generally, only the installation cost of server and storage is considered for introducing a Virtual Desktop (VDI). However, in order to actually implement Virtual Desktop (VDI), it is necessary to consider the cost of the program license, traffic, maintenance, and any additional ones foreseeing the expansion of the organization. Even there are cases where solution is abandoned due to the cost of expansion.
VDI vs Remoteview
However, as number of users increases, RemoteView does not degrade in performance nor incur additional installation costs. RemoteView maintains VDI-level security at a tenth of the cost of a Virtual Desktop (VDI) solution, and it suitable to anyone willing to introduce telecommuting at enterprise-wide level.
VDI vs Remoteview


Safer architecture


RemoteView vs. VDI

telework - VDI vs Remoteview
Virtual Desktop (VDI) system is a very effective structural method for preventing internal information leakage and external intrusion as users access virtual servers separated from the internal network. Likewise, the remote control provided by RemoteView is also separated from the internal network by the same mechanism, similar security structure provided by Virtual Desktop (VDI).
VDI vs Remoteview
In addition, RemoteView’s remote control system passes through a private encrypted communication proxy server, not an open protocol, to block DDoS attacks, malware, which Virtual Desktop (VDI) is vulnerable to, making it even more secure.


Better management


RemoteView vs. VDI

Access history and logs


check the connection IP and asset information through the records.

Real-time monitoring


Real-time monitoring is possible from the moment the user logins remotely until disconnected.

Access restriction settings


In addition to restricting access to certain background services or programs, it is possible to lock the mouse/keyboard during remote control to restrict access in real time in case of suspicious access.

When teleworking from home, management is the key to success. Working from home through Virtual Desktop (VDI) leaves only a simple log, and it is difficult to manage just with that. It is more convenient and easier to manage with RemoteView.


Ease of use


RemoteView vs. VDI

remote control - VDI vs Remoteview
Company has introduced VDI solution for working from home, but the data are often on the office PC, and users have to bear the inconvenience of having to update the settings to use the program. Should you use a VDI solution despite of these inconveniences? RemoteView is a ‘service innovation without changes’ that uses existing computers as they are.
There is no need for cumbersome application training every time, the inconvenience of having to access only from a specific IP, and there is no need for dedicated management personnel. RemoteView allows you to work from home quickly in less than an hour, not like a Virtual Desktop (VDI) solution that takes more than 6 months.

Global leading companies are already using
RemoteView, a remote desktop solution.

video conferencing - VDI vs Remoteview
300,000 industry-leading global customers are using RemoteView, a remote desktop solution. Even many customers who already use Virtual Desktop (VDI) use RemoteView at the same time.
VDI vs Remoteview

So why do companies using Virtual Desktop (VDI) also use RemoteView?

Due to the nature of the remote control service, it is more suitable than Virtual Desktop (VDI) solution for responding faster to an emergency. And in the case of Virtual Desktop (VDI) solution, it is hard to recover in case of a failure due to complex configuration compared to a physical one. But more importantly, changes in the working environment have a huge impact on employees’ work performance.
VDI vs Remoteview
Most often, a company that needs remote work also uses special program such as industrial S/W. It is almost impossible to set it up individually in Virtual Desktop (VDI), resulting in confusion and/or dissatisfaction from employees experiencing the changes. In such a situation, enterprises opted for the use of RemoteView, a remote desktop solution that can minimize the changes, even if Virtual Desktop (VDI) is already installed.
VDI vs Remoteview
video conferencing - VDI vs Remoteview

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