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Why use RemoteView?

Cost savings
Reduce resources,
time and cost of travelling.
Time saving
A better balance between life and work by
connecting from anywhere, anytime.
ROI increase
Enhance productivity and improve
customer/employee satisfaction.

Control PCs remotely located using PC/Smartphone/Tablet in real-time with RemoteView.

Use RemoteView when.

  1. You need to connect to your office PC in an emergency.
  2. You need to manage multiple devices efficiently.
  3. Monitoring an unmanned device remotely.
  4. You need to quickly access the company network from home.
  5. You want to have a single work space at all times.

is revolutionizing industries and the way they work

  1. Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere
  2. Secure and Powerful Remote Access
  3. Access your computers from any device
  4. 24/7 Remote Support and Flawless in any environment
  5. Multi-platform, File Transfer, High Performance and more
Service industry 26%, IT industry 19%, Manufacturing industry 17%, medical industry 15%, Retail industry 10%,  Education industry & University 6%, Government & public industry 5%, Financial industry 2.5%

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