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Example uses of RemoteView

스마트한 업무관리

For large facility operations and large construction companies

  • Why is RemoteView needed? : The worksite is too big and managers cannot visit every corner of it. They need a way to receive reports immediately and to solve issues from afar.
  • How can RemoteView be used? : Managers can remotely solve any issues without having to visit the worksite.
  • Benefits RemoteView can bring:
    • When problems occur, field workers can report to their managers and communication without having to wait for them to visit, which saves time for troubleshooting.
    • Since our remote control feature allows multiple staff members involved to check updated information simultaneously, work is more efficient than if it was done face-to-face.
Remote troubleshooting

Sellers of kiosks, POS, and other devices

  • Why RemoteView is needed : An alternative to onsite visits is necessary for repair/maintenance services for numerous devices installed nationwide. Also, the number of customer inquiries rapidly increases as the functions of mobile devices become more advanced.
  • How RemoteView can be used : Control dozens of POS devices installed in a shop from one RemoteView Administrator’s page.
  • Effects RemoteView can bring :
    • Since the remote control function can be used at any time and from any location, you can provide support whenever your customers need it.
    • RemoteView’s live view function saves a significant amount of time by allowing you to check multiple devices at the same time from a single screen.
Outsourcing management

Government agencies and offices / Banks and other financial institutions

  • Why RemoteView is needed : The government sector and financial institutions need a monitoring tool for work approval and security when they outsource the management of their systems.
  • How RemoteView can be used : Monitor and manage outsourcing procedures by saving work history, auditing, and approving.
  • Effects RemoteView can bring :
    • Even while using multiple systems from different companies, remote control allows you to minimize the human resources required for vendor management.
    • The risk of information leaks is removed because outsourced work is remotely monitored, while access to sensitive information is blocked.
High tech equipment management

For Medical equipment suppliers and solution providers for medical institutions

  • Why is RemoteView needed? : A way to efficiently respond to inquiries is needed, as various inquiries arise when customers use sophisticated medical equipment.
  • How can RemoteView be used? : Remotely access medical equipment on behalf of non tech-savvy medical personnel, and diagnose and solve the issues.
  • Benefits RemoteView can bring :
    • Since RemoteView supports multiple high-resolution monitors which are often used for medical equipment, you can provide customized support for different types of sophisticated equipment.
    • Revenue increases as RemoteView makes non tech-savvy medical personnel feel less intimidated about introducing new equipment by providing remote support.

RemoteView testimonials

I often travel overseas for business, and RemoteView is absolutely the best. Wherever I am, access is fast and stable.
Manager K at Company H
I use RemoteView to remotely work on high-resolution graphic tasks that often require CAD and Photoshop. It feels just like I am working from my computer in the office.
Designer at N Soft
Of all the remote control apps that I have tried, I like RemoteView the best. I used to use VMWare on my laptop, but I had trouble managing virtual operating systems and multiple computers in my office. RemoteView solved the problem for me. It is fast and easy.
User of RemoteView Mobile

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