Video Guides

Using Remote Agreement

Learn how to enable remote control agreement for remote parties to allow access.

Using Windows Logon

Learn how to use the Windows Logon to connect with PC and mobile.

Using Google OTP

Learn how to use the Google OTP for more enhanced security.

Managing Multiple Agents

Send commands to multiple PC with a single click such as shutdown or reboot.

New Features of RemoteView

Check here for all the new features added to RemoteView.

Learning about the Agent

Control access to Agents by allowed IP and MAC addresses.

Learn about the Admin

Learn more about powerful features available to the account admin.

Configuring RemoteView

Set various security related options and manage company profiles.

Reporting Usage

Create reports on usage, connection history and more.

Inviting via Email

Instruction on inviting non-register users to share the remote control session.

Setting Connection Time

Instruction on how to schedule available connection time to access the assets.

Using LiveView

Instruction on how to view and manage remote PC in real-time without remotely connecting to it.

Managing Groups

Instruction on adding up to 3 level of groups and assets.

Adding a User

Instruction on adding multiple users to access the assets.

Installing the Agent

Instruction on how to install the Agent to connect remotely.

RemoteView Remote Control Mobile

Be in total control with world’s first mobile to mobile remote control.

RemoteView Enterprise

A remote control tool with quick connection, powerful features and state-of-art security.

RemoteView Remote Control PC

In or out of the office, stay connected anytime, anywhere with RemoteView.