How can you solve a problem on a PC located far away?
Our RemoteView can help you remotely access that PC. But, what if the PC’s power is down, there is problem in the BIOS or need to re-install an Operating system?
To tackle these issues, you will need to physically get to the PC and diagnose the problem. It will be impossible to do so if that PC is abroad or far enough that you can get there within the required resolution time.

The answer is RemoteView with vPro support.

RemoteView and vPro

vPro technology is the best companion to RemoteView. RemoteView provides control over the hardware, BIOS and more using vPro, allowing RemoteView to further extend its possibilities.

Using vPro through RemoteView

PC Power Management

There is no need to keep the system, such as kiosks, ATM or remote PC turned ON as you can turn it back on anytime with vPro.

BIOS management

You can view and change the BIOS settings of the PC remotely using vPro.

OS Management

If the Operating System does not start normally, or the system files got corrupted, remotely install the Operating System using the image on the local PC.

RemoteView product line that includes vPro

In order to use vPro features, the target PC must have chipset with support to Intel vPro. The products that support vPro features are the following:
  • RemoteView 5.0 asp – Enterprise version
  • RemoteView 5.0 server

What is vPro?

Intel vPro technology is intended to help businesses gain certain maintenance and servicing advantages, security improvements, and cost benefits in information technology (IT) areas.

Features of vPro

Intel AMT is part of the Intel Management Engine, which is built into PCs with Intel vPro technology. Intel AMT is a set of remote management and security features designed into the PC’s hardware and which allow a sys-admin with AMT security privileges to access system information and perform specific remote operations on the PC. These operations include remote power up/down (via wake on LAN), remote / redirected boot (via integrated device electronics redirect, or IDE-R), console redirection (via serial over LAN), and other remote management and security features.
A KVM (abbreviation for keyboard, video or visual display unit, mouse) can display the entire booting process of the remote PC on the local screen without the network setting on the OS.