• [Situation]

Finally, a long waited vacation after working days and nights. We have rented a car, everybody got their side sorted and we are off to the beach!
Half way to our destination, my phone rings and guess what.. My boss. “Eleni, this is urgent. Can you send me the market research that we used for this project?                                                      I have a meeting with CEO in 15 min and it needs to be presented”.

  • [Challenge]

Not even surprised.. I knew what to do. I grabbed my iPhone, launched RemoteView, connected to my office’s PC, found the file and emailed it to my boss. All in less than 5 min.

  • [solution]

RemoteView helps you control your computer from an iPhone or Android phone

Before, we had to drive to a location with PC (if we could find one) or find a location with WiFi (if I remembered to bring the laptop) or just go back to the office.. RemoteView is now an indispensable tool to take to vacation.